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Oh my dog

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

There’s war and panic playing on the TV

big deals and politics you don’t wanna see

and while the world’s searching for its soul

your little puppy-pal prods his silver bowl,

‘This is what they’ve all been speaking of,

My goodness – I’ve found a dog to love’

When you’re depressed or at home alone

you may be apt to weep or shriek or moan

to a mirror that would only reflect the lies

so, this is what a dog owner might advise:

‘Find your peace in your best friend’s eyes

and to never say a human friend’s enough,

Fools – they’ve never known a dog to love’

Begging for a share of the hot chicken pot

baying for a walk whether I’m able or not

you’re always first to greet me at the door

with no expectations or asking for more

my companion when times are rough

‘Ha, oh boy – this dog of mine I love’

But a happy pooch can only wag its tail so long

a day will come and is neither right nor wrong

I’ve had the joy of seeing you fluffy and grown

and had I never risked it, I’d never’ve known-

this is what it means to know a dog’s love

and to whom-ever may ask I’ll say:

‘I’m a little angry and sad today,

but most of all, to my friend above

I was lucky – I had a dog to love’


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