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The greatest story ever told - is the story of us.

An unlikely combination of Dan Brown's history & Harry Potter’s magic, this is a reimagining of humanity’s origins & legends as lived by those who were there.

The tale of three friends in ancient Babylonia, who through trial, joy, & danger, discover the secrets of the eterniverse & must ultimately overcome its enemies - & choose a destiny for us all.

The theories of today, myths, & historical tales of the divine on earth intertwine in the lives of brothers Arda, Dagan, & their friend Shala who find themselves part of an eons-long struggle.

Both angels & daemons are eager to keep & protect a Nephilim of their own after the flood that had nearly eradicated the species in 2,348 BC. Dubious caretakers, retired Gregori, & stoic priests will guide them as they face the perils in the guarded streets of the city, & come of age at the White Temple of Ninurta.

All the while, the Kings of Babylon that had commissioned the building of a tower in 1,697 BC to honor Marduk, concealed the purpose of a golden Orichalcum rod rising within its core.

From Atlantis to the farthest reaches of space, from dreamscapes & battlefields to the very edge of death, the trio must endure the evil in the world & the darkness that dwells within, & finally confront their hopes, fears, fate, & each other.

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Dante's Gate

A family fractured.

The world in chaos.

They are Reavers - grim amalgams of ancient fear and our our collective modern consciousness.

A father and son must find a way to the last known haven for those that dare to hope for a day where our memories and future dreams won't kill us all.


Iridescent - Poetry Collection

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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