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Official Website of Poet, Soon-to-be Best Selling Author, And introducing his, Debut Novel

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Iridescent - Poetry Collection

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His words move along the page as if it's alive with purpose and meaning. And the purpose is that it makes the wrong in the world seem right, and that means everything. A pure talent and a joy to read!

SAM WOOD - Avid Reader and Rabid Fan

If you ever wonder about the deep things we should all be wondering about, pick up his debut novel and feel yourself sink into its depths. Engrossing and with chords of truth ringing through-out


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I'm a logistician by day and a writer by night - or any spare time I can carve from daily duties as husband to my wife Samantha and father to my four-year-old son Leo.
It's been a relatively secret dream and aspiration to become an author, but there were two moments that ignited a spark to the dry kindling I had neglected for most of my life. In my late teens, a specific film was the first catalyst. I cannot recall what it was about, maybe it doesn't even matter, but it was sufficiently profound that it prompted the first draft of The Eternilim, which was then known as 'The Tower'. It burnt bright and hot and faded around 20,000 words - either due to inspiration dwindling or the inevitable intrusion of adult life.


The second spark came when I was thirty-four at a church service I attended some random Friday in Dubai. I spoke with an odd but friendly stranger, cannot recall his name, and can only remember we spoke about fishing or kayaking and water leaking from his roof - but after meeting him (the service itself may have had some influence), I knew the very next day I would restart the story that began so many years ago. And as I ventured down the road of obscure, wannabe writer, wrought with anxiety and self-doubt, I also rediscovered my passion for the craft and the fresh desire to share it with the world. So here we are, my poetry, early teen-years to today, sporadic essays and my once shy stories. I hope you enjoy their company as I have.

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