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What love is...

Love is blind.

No - love is not a thing

with a face for eyes to sit

for sight to wilt and quit so

you can ill describe what you find,

or just blame all your bad decisions on it.

Or it's love at first sight.

Yeah right,

it's chemicals that kissed in your brain

and we just decided to give it a name...

No my friends,

true love has perfect vision

and doesn't decide on a blink,

it stares long and deep

before it makes a decision:

what to lose and

who to keep and

it doesn't care what you think.

Love is the twilight moon to earth,

it's the father's sacrifice

it's the mother's joy and tears

it's your sons and daughters birth

it's the breadth of oceans

where your ship

cares not to anchor,

it's the light-years to stars

where somewhere

between our trust and lust and nova-dust

you'll find yourself and

then you'll find her.


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