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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

The crows perched high up

on the billboard sing through

swollen cheeks and pursed lips,

like forgetful mockingbirds they

call to feet, cars, planes, and ships.

You leave your homes behind and

follow their song,

and traverse beyond

highway, cloud, and sea

goodbye, farewell, so long.

And then deeper in its gut

other dulcet steps and

hums abound and

all around they show the

possibilities of home

or paradise

or just away,

you are here, brave, ready to board


next year,

or even, when you close your eyes,

it could be - today.


A reflection on the lure of adventure and the unknown. The crows perched on the billboard are described as calling to people, beckoning them to leave their homes and follow their song. The "dulcet steps and hums" that are heard deeper in the crows' guts suggest the possibilities of new places and experiences that await those who are brave enough to embark on a journey.

Written as I was about to board a plane to South Africa. A trip I’ve done many times before, but never quite enjoyed. The logistics of travel I mean. The long drive, the queues, the throngs of people removing belts and shoes to be granted passage beyond the first of at least three more gatekeepers. That being the case though, the jubilation of seeing the smiling, sometimes teary-eyed faces waiting at arrivals is always worth it.

That’s what travel has been for me the last few years. But for others it could be many other things, like going on a well-deserved holiday, attending a business conference, or perhaps the last leg of a long journey to become an expatriate. The point is, if the opportunity is there to see more of the world, take it. Don’t let the fear of leaving your cozy couch and safety of four familiar walls deprive you of the blessings that may lay beyond the borders of comfort.

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