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I'm a spider

so they say,


my webs don't tangle

they're not twisting

they can't strangle

I think I'm the prey.

I glimpse the wasps circling

a thousand eyes watching,


My thousand-eyes don't see,

neither of the empty orbs

they don't perceive

they won't believe

they don't really belong to me.


With eight legs I won't ever fall,

they're strong and I reach and miss

and I look down and see

there aren't eight after all.

I'm not a spider

I don't care what they say.

I have no web to stalk,

no thousand eyes,

I have

two hands that pray

two legs that walk


call me what I'm not

or dare steal my lot then

let imagined fangs emerge

real chemicals on their tips

dig deep and merge

with your flesh and discover

I'm not a spider,

I'm not a spider,

I'm a survivor.


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