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Music before sleeping

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

There's a small boat on the purple ocean and the moon drips silver petals where the sky meets the sea, and under floating snowflake stars I offer you a sip from the magic potion: I may come and go, but dear, you can never flee. Let the tides of love tug you ever closer and feel as the storm wind blows: Look down below, my lover please wear the ring on the dolphin's nose. The dingy floats on murky water and the moonlight shines regret, I wish upon a falling star- that your elixir makes me forget: my dear, the shore looms far, here, sharks drop treasures to the ocean bed.

Then I must moor at the harbor;

let the ocean drains its lavender

and in the amber of the sun

I will swim in my armor,

and think of you forever.


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