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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

I'm a greedy money maker

a souped-up Maserati racer

supermodel use her or lose her,

don't tell me how to live.

I'm a money maker

true blue mover shaker

I want it, I have it, I ain't a loser,

don't tell me what to give.

I'm a dreaming money waster

the real deal superstar faker

mansions' for a phony poser,

1when I die, it can't come with.

I'm not a black-suited stock trader

or a plastic silver-screen actor

or a sold-out show rocker

I drive my old'85 rover

and at night I cry

because it's over.

I'm like you-

9 to 5 grinder

I also bow to the taker

a day-to-day penny saver

hoping that when I do retire,

I won't regret the years of greed

or rue the beauty of the simple life

and how my wallets' vices fed the fire.


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