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God's Green

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Welcome to My garden

It has many secrets to share,

stroll on your own, or join me on the quilt:

Admire the fences and roses, but please beware-

appreciate the color, as the latter may wilt.

And if you do smell the bitter despair:

return to the house your father built,

there’s a place prepared to pray in your room

and a window to sit and see the forest bare

till the bees return to the sunflower's bloom.

Welcome to My garden

Don’t be scared,

be your own guide, or stay awhile and

taste the delights that I prepared:

Autumn’s color,

the rain in Summer,

the lovely Winter cold,

be still and see, for in each season

there are wonders to behold.

Welcome to My garden

Put your faith in me

wait by the fountain, but leave the fruit behind-

burdens on the back

eyes on the ground

you must be free to fly

you must look up to find

you must listen for the sound

Welcome to My garden

Discover, be fearless and trust

the sunshine on your face

and the treasures you found.


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