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Coffee for Two

Updated: May 30, 2022

Daddy misses you, my boy,

should I board the tiny train as it hoots away

or take a photo of the things I saw today

or buy the super-fast, red racecar toy!

Let’s talk on the phone?

Tell me about the games we’ll play

and I’ll say don’t worry,

Daddy is never alone.

I love you, Leo,

if I could walk on water I’d come you see

and tell them all I’m going to my family

a perfect mom, dad, and baby trio!

See you at the airport?

I’ll buy my flat white coffee,

and you’ll have your babycino.

Daddy thinks about you all days!

Let’s count the sleeps together,

Christmas is around the bend…

But till then,

be good to mommy

be gentle with the dogs

and please always remember:

you’re my best friend,

and I’ll see you in December.


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