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Close your eyes

Updated: May 22, 2022

I drew the curtain and let light in.

Wake up, wake up, it’s time to go

you can leave the linen on your bed

you won’t remember where you’ve been.

But don’t forget your jacket, it’s cold outside

‘Thank you, but the sun is warm on my skin!’

I know, but it gets cool as the day winds down,

I want you to be safe from the weather and the wild.

And here, remember your shoes

‘But let me feel the grass on my feet!’

I tended my garden for you, it’s true, toes to your crown,

but the sole protects as you walk the cobbled paths you choose

you mustn’t be bare in the face of fates and villains you’re apt to meet

Get up, get dressed, it’s time to go,

but don’t be out too late

‘No, I want to stay as long as I might!’

Yes, you may wander where the roads twist, that’s for sure

but you’ll also find the way back home in time, I know.

And when you do, I’ll be here, waiting, morning, noon, and night.

Hug me and say goodbye,

and know this every day:

When it’s sleet and snow and your clothes are torn

When the way is rough and your shoes are worn,

Find me watching in the starry sky

And when you close your eyes and pray

You’ll find them both repaired at dawn.


This is a conversation between either God or a guardian angel and a soul who has led past lives, about to be reborn. The soul won't remember these past lives when entering the mortal realm, but is still stubborn and not heeding the advice from the celestial being. Much like our lives, we are sometimes too hard-headed and oblivious to the signs in our world. Signs that could guide us down the path we should follow.

The jacket can be seen as armor fashioned by faith. Keeping it wrapped around you is protection from self-doubt and coldness and disappointment. The soul rejects this, at least at first, opting for the pleasures in life without considering the dangers it may hold.

In the end, the angel / God says 'don't be out too late' showing the soul it will be missed, that after a life wrought with both joy and difficulty, it still has a haven waiting - and in the meantime, if times do get rough, there is a way to connect to that eternal place that has the power to smooth out the road ahead.

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