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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

While tiger music played

one was the night,

and one was all it took,

a single dance was enough

to turn the page and write-

every first in the big red book.

We fell in love

In an ocean

two was the number you gave me

and twice was once too many

a forgotten watch was enough

to lose time amidst the waves

crashing against cupid’s ferry.

We stayed in love

Then in life

three were the years between

the day we met and the day we wed;

the dream was real

the dream was enough

We celebrated love

And in time

four are the years of our baby

through the days, years, and seasons-

his laughter is enough

and in his nose and hands, I see you

and in his eyes and feet, you see me.

It changed our love

And five are the reasons:

we were carefree lovers

we became friends that dared plan for the future

and by the lighthouse I asked you to be my wife

and watched you become the best mother

that takes care of us

that hopes with us

that sacrificed for our life.

We remember our love

And today

six are the years of our marriage

we look back and smile

we look ahead and pray

we look to each other and say:

lifetimes will never be enough.


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